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Cashtank Unlimited Ltd.

Cashtank Unlimited Ltd. invests in a variety of opportunities. Both in offline business opportunities (e.g. Vegan Restaurants), as well as online business opportunities (like trading forex and crypto). This opportunity creates annual profits.

Elysian Plant-Based Kitchen Bar

The vegan restaurant Elysian convinced us with everything. Not only with the extremely delicious food, but also with their visionary ideas.

In the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, they opened their first restaurant and laid the foundation for something big.
This was founded in 2020 and had ROI within 7 months. So this is an insanely interesting investment that has a future.

The founder, George Adamides, has good ideas and as an experienced businessman he always keeps up with the times with his restaurants. We have planned a long-term cooperation with George.

All in all, this investment is a great opportunity and contains good, stable profits for the next years.
However, we have not included the profits of the restaurant in our profit calculation for Cashtank Unlimited Ltd.



We also invest with Cashtank Unlimited Ltd. in forex trading opportunities that we have reviewed in order to make higher annual returns possible.

On the left you can find some pictures of the already generated returns.

This way we provide more security through diversification and still manage to achieve good annual returns.



Our specialty. For many years, we have been active in the crypto sector and have examined various investment opportunities in this area. We have more than 5 years of experience in the crypto field and have built up a great expertise, through which we can determine very well and quickly, whether such a project is worthwhile and if so, to what extent and of course, what risks it entails.

On the right you can see some examples from our past projects.

To the right you can see a very successful Cryptoproject ⇒


Purchased $100,000 package on 07/26/2019.
The indicated return of $188,477.32 was earned by September 2020.

That’s a profit of $88,477.32 and thus about 188% ROI on just over a year.

So there are some exciting projects, however, they are not easy to find, especially in the crypto market.

That’s why, especially in the crypto market, it’s not easy to find opportunities that are not only profitable, but also long-term (and not scam systems).

Hemperium GmbH


The hemp project of the future



We also invest in promising companies, like the Hemperium GmbH.

On the left you will find a picture representing 1 of 4 fields developed by the founder of the company (also shown in the picture) together with a team of specialists and doctors. Different types of plants for different purposes.
You can find more information HERE.

We had a long talk with the founder and the investors and we were there ourselves, both in the factory and in the fields and we were convinced of the quality and the genius of the company.

This company has the potential to grow into a company that can reach 8-10 figures.


Which Profits can you expect?


In Cashtank we have set ourselves the goal of generating a profit of up to 25% per year for all our shareholders.

Through the high diversification we have managed to create a certain security in uncertain times and in the current uncertain financial system.

Through exciting and future-oriented projects with high and medium-high returns, we are able to achieve the set profit of approx. 25% per year.

Another interesting point for the investor:
The founders of the company, Cashtank Unlimited Ltd., will not be paid until the 25% profit are reached. 



You can become a shareholder of Cashtank Unlimited Ltd.
The sharesmust be held for at least 2 years.
After 2 years these shares can be sold back
to the company
or to another interested party.


The company takes care of the complete processing.
This means that you as an investor can pay in euros and you are spared the hard part, as with many other options.
Reinvestment, payouts and accounting are also handled centrally by the company for all shareholders.

Tax treatment

As a shareholder of CASHTANK UNLIMITED Ltd. you receive an annual dividend. You are therefore a shareholder in a foreign company and receive your share of the profits – how income of this kind is taxed is clear in every country in the world. In Germany, dividends are subject to the final withholding tax (plus possibly further tax depending on where your residence is located) .

Who is behind CASHTANK UNLIMITED Ltd.?

Cashtank Unlimited Ltd. is operated by Julian Siess and Daniel Hock. We complement each other in our knowledge and skills. Since two years we both live in Cyprus and already work together in the company ERFOLGSSICHER DIGITAL CYPRUS LTD. 

– Investment advisor since 2011
– Experience in trading since 2012
– Investor in crypto since 2018

+49 173 830 3665

Julian Siess

– Project Manager
– Expert at Bitcoin & Blockchain
– Investor in crypto since 2017

+49 160 9777 2541

Daniel Hock

Why was CASHTANK UNLIMITED Ltd. established in Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the most interesting business locations worldwide. The bureaucracy is kept within limits, the tax rate is very low and the country is located in the EU. Also, the operational costs, such as the ongoing accounting or the annual audit report, are very favorable compared to other countries. Moreover, our accountant, GMAP Group, is very familiar with investments of this kind and is already servicing some other companies in which we are involved. Cashtank Unlimited Ltd. is registered under the number UN 418615, the company address is Faneromenis 148, 6035 Larnaca. The register entry can be found here.